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Kat, Incorrigible - Stephanie Burgis A Most Improper Magick is simply fabulous! It truly, truly is.I read descriptions thinking this sounds cool but the cover made it seem like it was for younger kids and that kind of put me off of that. But I just LOVED this!This book had so much action and adventure and I loved how spunky and brave Kat was. She's definitely one of my favorite heroines now.I loved how prissy her sisters could be. Especially Elissa, the gothic-heroine wannabe. Pssh.Her Stepmama was truly horrendous, and I wish we know more about her dad and birth mom. They seem like fascinating characters and I'd love to see a prequel about their early lives together.I also loved Mr. Carlyle and Mr. Collingwood. They're so cute.I'm really looking forward to seeing what other adventures Kat will get into and I hope to see her find a beau as she gets older. ;)