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The Red Queen's Daughter - Jacqueline Kolosov This book haunted me for YEARS. It's pretty redhead, gorgeous dress, and Tudor family connections intrigued me. But I never read it. Until I find it on Barnes and Noble for two dollars. What honest book lover can pass up a two dollar book?Oh how I loved it.I loved Mary as a character, I loved how Elizabeth was portrayed, I loved the magic, I loved Lady Strange and how fitting her name is, and I loved how wholly evil the villian was.The romance was somewhat unrealistic. This huge Elizabethan-player and evil magician suddenly in loved and devoted to a pure, young, white magician? Huh? But I also think it was part of the magic in the book. It wasn't a fully pure historical fiction. The magic added to the book and changed how I looked at some things. The book was also fairly short for the amount of time it covered, making it SEEM like very little time passed.My only real problem was the open ending. It's a happy...ish ending, but it's also so amazingly open it seems like there should be a sequel. But the author has already put out one new book and there's no way to tell if she's working on a sequel or something totally difference because her site and blog aren't updated really well...as in I think it's been over a year. So sad.I can't really explain why I loved this book. Maybe it's just because it IS a well written book on the Tudors for teens, which IS a very, very, very, very hard find (just ask twitter), but goodness I loved this book. And I'll be eagerly waiting for Kolosov's book, even though I DO keep trying to call her Kostov.