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The Merchant's Daughter - Melanie Dickerson I had high hopes for this book and they weren't quite met.The story is well written. I like how Melanie tells the story and it just flows very easily. I wasn't crazy about the amount of times Christianity was brought up, though. This is technically a Christian YA book, but it seemed a little too excessive. We got it, Annabel's religious and wants to be a nun, it didn't need to be repeated over and over.I liked Annabel and Lord Ranulf enough. They weren't stand out characters to me, but they were interested and they fit their roles well. I enjoyed the bailiff (our Gaston, if you will) being more twisted than you would normally see him. I also liked how Ranulf was portrayed as the beast and how the villagers saw him. It was definitely an interesting, more unique take.This just wasn't a remarkable read for me. It was enjoyable and fast paced and a really well done retelling. Beyond my slight annoyance at the frequent references to the Bible and God, I really had no problems with this book. But for me, it just didn't have that special something.If you like fairytale retellings and don't mind it being religious, this is a really good book to try. If you're hesitant, I was able to get it from Netgalley a month after it's release, so it might still be up, or you could always try and go through your library. I just didn't click with this book the way I had hoped to.