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Shooting Stars - Allison Rushby This was a really cute, fun read.This isn't some super light and fluffy read, but it's more fun than anything else. Jo was this awesome character with a serious conflict on her hands. She handled it way better than I ever could have! But she was spunky and funny and easy to relate to. I really liked her.I have to talk a little about the photography aspect. Now, I'm not a photographer. My shots are...decent for an amateur, but nothing special or pretty or whatever. But I've always wanted to be really good at photography and have all these really nice cameras...I just don't have that IT factor you need to get you started on that path to talent. So it was kind of a treat to read about a really good photographer and no, the camera talk isn't confusing. It's simple and easy to understand and she doesn't really use super expensive, fancy cameras.As for the story itself, I really enjoyed it. The romance was kind of a tease, showing itself every once and a while, but mostly consisting of some flirting. Me being the romance-junky I am, that was kind of disappointing, but the flirtation was pretty adorable and there was plenty else going on, so that made up for it. There was actually a couple twists I totally didn't see coming and I thought they were pretty cool.Overall, this was a fun read. It was light with a bit of a serious twist, had an adorable flirtation, an awesome love interest, and a spunky main character. When you need something fun to pick you up, this is definitely one to try!