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In Your Room - Jordanna Fraiberg This book? Five kinds of adorable.I loved Molly and Charlie. They were both sweet and fun characters. I loved how much they changed while they were spending time in each others rooms. Both were kind of single minded with this is what I like and I can't believe I'm leaving it for a summer thinking. But they spent a summer talking and learning and having new experiences and they came out better for it.I loved their relationship too. It was honest and real and their looks honestly didn't matter and I thought that was wonderful. How many times do we read a book and hear about how attractive the love interest is? Isn't that always how the relationship starts? Well that wasn't an option in this book, which made it immediately stand out.Charlie and Molly also had some family/personal problems that were touched on, too. That kinda balance is always good, you know?I know this is a pretty crappy endorsement, but I read this in February, so it's kind of blurry in my memory. I DO know that I loved this book a whole lot and y'all should pick it up.