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Juliet Immortal - Stacey Jay This book was so ridiculously good and I loved it.Juliet is not the same Juliet from the play, no, no. She's tough, a fighter. Her new goal is to protect the love of others since hers was destroyed. She's smart and quick and she just wants someone to love her the way she thought Romeo did. I really, really liked Juliet.Romeo may have been my favorite character, even though he's the bad guy. He was super sarcastic and had this dark, twisted humor I really appreciated it. I know we're supposed to hate him, but I kinda rooted for him to be happy. So I was pretty psyched when I found out there's a companion novel from his perspective.I loved the romance between Juliet and her new guy. It was lovely and awesome and adorable and just...*sigh* Yes. Yes it was.I really enjoyed Stacey Jay's writing. She had a really unique voice for Juliet and it was refreshing to read something so different. She kept me captivated in this intense, wonderful story. I was totally engaged in this book and didn't want to put it down.I know this is a horribly vague review, but I read the book in...March? Maybe April? It was several months ago, I know that much. But I really did love this book and I'm stoked to have a copy of Romeo Redeemed on my Kindle already. If you're like me and way behind in picking up this book, go. Do it now. Now is a good time to get this book.