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Mad Love

Mad Love - Suzanne Selfors This was an unexpected read.The cover makes this seem kind of light and funny and while not totally happy, not a heavy story. And while it wasn't depressing and was very hopeful, it was a lot heavier than I thought it'd be. It touched on a lot of different topics that most books don't touch on. I kind of liked that.I also loved how Psyche and Cupid's story was woven in. I loved hearing this story and how it was told differently. Errol was difficult, but he was honest and snarky and I just enjoyed his character and his story, the one he told and the one he lived during the book.I really liked all the characters. Alice and her neighbors and the love interest and what we learned of her mom made me really intrigued. Honestly, all the characters were great and fun and I wanted to hug all of them.The writing, while not the best, was entertaining enough. It kept me engaged. The story was very fast paced and it seemed like not much was happening but a lot was happening at any given time. It made it kind of hard for me to want to pick it up but also hard to put it down.While no masterpiece, this is kind of entertaining. Heavier than it seems but not depressing or really dark. It's something you could definitely check out.