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Prom - Prom was a take-it-or-leave-it kind of book. Not what I expected after the powerful simplicity in Speak. Unlike Speak, I finished Prom last night and already have problems remembering parts from the book.Ashley was, quiet honestly, annoying. She whined about everything when most of it was her fault. She was the one so anti-prom, the one driving her friends crazy with it, upsetting her mom, getting all of those detentions and library fines. And her boyfriend? Oh Dear God her boyfriend.T.J. was the most lazy, ridiculous, asshatish boyfriend I've ever read. He out does Jace and Will and Patch and any other character you can think of. Any mention of him made me want to scream. I mean, your girlfriend is stranded at an airport and you call her and say you'll come get her, WHILE YOU'RE HIGH, and then you can split the DOPE you have? Hell. Effing. No. I felt bad for Ashley's friend, Nat. She was so sweet. And her grandma? Epic Grandma. Ashley's parents were awesome too, even though she acted like they were horrible. I loved her Mom. I think I could've liked this more if it wasn't for Ashley and T.J. I loved most of the other characters but they just pissed me off. The idea behind the novel was really cool too. I could have absolutely LOVED this if those two characters were the slightest bit enjoyable.This is a book to try. Maybe as a library book or, like me, a $1.99 Bargain from Barnes and Noble. Maybe you'll enjoy it more than I did.