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Wait for You  - J. Lynn This is the kind of New Adult book I'd been avoiding. Not because there was anything wrong with it, but Avery's back story, which is a major plot point, was the kind of plot point that just didn't seem interesting to me. Too angsty, I guess. But everybody raves about Jennifer Armentrout/J. Lynn and it was at BEA, so there wasn't really any harm in me grabbing this one (and her other NA title). There wasn't all that much NA to be had at BEA since it's fairly new, so I was happy to grab any I could find.And honestly, I was pleasantly surprised.I started reading because my reading has had a SERIOUS lack of sexy times lately, so why not? Plus, with SO many people loving Jennifer/J. Lynn, I figured this couldn't let me down as my stuck-in-a-car-for-three-hours read. It was lighter on the sexy times than I expected, but it was engaging. Engaging enough that I flipped through most of the 500 page ARC in the car and finished the last 40 or so pages within an hour of getting out of the car, despite everything I should have been doing. Like eating.Avery was the kind of character I could really sympathize with. I've never been in her situation, but the general distrust of people, the friendship problems, I totally understood it. I didn't always agree with her decisions, but I understood where they were all coming from. She was the kind of character that just made sense and it felt pretty real.Cameron, on the other hand, was not at all real. Don't get me wrong, he was sweet and smart and just a genuine good guy, and - of course- gorgeous. But he was way too good to be true. Just...too perfect. I was in the kind of mood reading it where I didn't really mind, but it's something to be aware of.I think the story was well paced. The book takes place over about a year, but it's a fast, page-turning read. I never got bored. A lot of care was definitely taken to make sure we skipped the boring parts and focused on the important scenes. Sometimes the time jumps weren't given enough real feeling, so I'd forget a few days had gone by, but it was largely done well. The side characters could've been given some more depth, but I really liked them. For the most part, they were well built. I did have problems with her one friend, Jacob, being a bit of a stereotype, but not enough to totally throw me off. I loved the banter the characters had. I definitely smothered a giggle a couple of times.This is not going to be a book for everyone. It definitely has its' issues and it's nothing that blows you out of the water. This might not have been the right book for me if I'd been in a different mood. But the story itself and the way I read it made me pretty much love this book, despair over the fact my copy of Frigid isn't here, and add all of the other books in the Wait for You series to my goodreads wishlist. Do with that what you will.