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Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1) - Sarah J. Maas I wasn't sure what to expect going in. I loved the concept and some people I really trust loved it. But some people I really trust also hated it. Celaena....oh this girl. She had a lot going for her and she was an interesting read but...she was basically perfect. Beautiful, talented, clever, witty, had all the guys falling for her. Her only real "flaw" was her arrogance. It wasn't something I really minded while reading, but when I was done, I noticed it. And I know it was the big problem for a lot of people I know that didn't like this book. But she was complex and interesting and not what you'd expect an assassin to be. I thought she was pretty badass and strong.The story itself was really intriguing. I mean, a bunch of criminals fighting to become the ultimate assassin? Then they start getting killed off? It was an awesome story filled with insane twists and things they don't explain in the summary. There was so much action and drama, but it never felt like too much or too made up for the sake of drama. I honestly loved this story.Now....I think Lanna described the romance portion best in her review (basically, I agree with the whole thing, honestly). This is another one of those rare cases of love triangles done right. Dorian and Celaena were so adorable and cute together and slhgaedgjlnsgs. But...Chaol and Celaena were so adorable and cute together and sflgsnjfhgfsn. I just...I don't know guys. They were so perfect and lovely and I would like the three of them to make something work. There were a lot of characters in this book and not all of them got a ton of page-time, but most of them were super well developed. I really felt like I knew most of these characters, I understood them as well as Celaena did. There's this one character that we only actually meet like three times, but Sarah manages to convey him so well in those brief meetings.Which brings me to the writing. Sarah's totally earned her Author Badge. She earned all of the fame she had from FictionPress and she definitely made a good decision in deciding to publish it. The writing is brilliant and engaging and rich. Celaena's voice was never too heavy or too light, it was distinctive. Sarah tells an incredibly brilliant, complicated story as well as some of the veteran writers.I just...I loved this book, guys. No it wasn't perfect, but I loved it anyway. And I'm so glad I still have all but one of the prologue stories to read because I don't want to just be done with this world and I definitely don't want to wait another year to read book 2.If you love fantasy, subtle-but-awesome romances, and really well built characters, you should be heading to your nearest bookstore now. Or clicking a "Buy Now" button if you don't want to/can't get to a bookstore.