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The Faerie Ring - I. Loved. This. Book.It was fun and romantic but also a little scary and full of adventure and throw it all in 1800s London, I'm sold.Tiki was this wonderfully eccentric character. I loved the balance between thief and her former life. The whole little family she had and her relationship with Rieker just...all of the goodness. Even the relationship between the princes was beautifully done. Everything seemed realistic and interesting and it was all well written with fantastic characters and just...*sigh*I loved how the stories all tied together. There were a couple different aspects to the story and they all just tied together so perfectly. By the end, I wasn't confused by anything, although at the beginning it can be kind like "...What does this have to do with things?" But trust me. It has everything to do with everything.The writing was perfect. It kept me absolutely hooked in on the story. I never wanted to put this book down. And I kind of want to pick it up again now that I'm thinking about the story.Between the magical elements and the real world, the relationships and the characters, the story lines and the writing, The Faerie Ring is just a whole lot of epic-ness packaged inside a gorgeous cover. Go buy NAO.