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Timepiece - Myra McEntire For those of you not aware, the first book is Hourglass and it's narrated by Emerson (one of my favorite heroines ever). Book two is narrated by Kaleb. Kaleb's more of a mess than I am right now. He's full of emotions he can't really control (literally), his dad was dead but now he's not, his mom's in a coma, and he's a playboy that cooks. And I adore him.I'm not going to lie, Michael still has my heart. But Kaleb? He made a valiant effort to steal it and was really close (maybe he didn't succeed because he kind of reminds me of my older brother. Hadn't noticed that before...). I love him in a different way. I love his kindness, his gentle soul. I love that even though he tries to be a tough dude, we're getting his side of the story and know it's not really him. I love that he is broken but he refuses to let that keep him down. I love his protective nature, his tenderness, and caring. I love who he becomes over the course of the novel.I also want to cuddle Lily. She was just fierce and loyal and wonderful. She could be sweet, she could be vulnerable, she could be defensive and snarky. I think this is my favorite thing about Myra's books. Lily, Kaleb, Emerson, Michael...all her characters are just so real. They all have issues and love and self doubts and they're human. They're so, so human. Which is a large part of the reason I'm so attached to them.Myra McEntire is a freaking fantastic writer, guys. She's witty and she knows how to balance the fun and the serious. Her dialogue is so clever and she always has the sarcasm put in perfectly. She can make you smile when the characters are having huge issues but they can't even handle it and need to joke. I guess the best way to put it is that Myra is the female John Green. Except instead of contemporary, she writes about time travel. Which may make her even cooler because...it's time travel. And have you read her kissing scenes? Myra's kissing scenes can be hotter than a sex scene in a romance novel.Like the first book, there's never a dull moment in Timepiece. I've already reread this and I was still constantly trying to find excuses to read. I have to know what happens next, how do they fix this? There's always action and romance and friendships and family relationships and epic kissing scenes and science and it's just...wonderful. Myra's one of the most masterful story tellers ever. Ever.Now, I'm not going to talk about the ending except to say that Myra is mean and I need book 3. We're going to leave it there, mmk?The Short Version: Timepiece is pretty much the best sequel/companion ever. I could read Myra's books and almost nothing else (I mean...I'd miss some of my other favorites!) for the rest of my life, and if you aren't walking out the door to get this or clicking to your preferred book-buying website, THEN YOU ARE CRAZY PANTS WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE?