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Fathomless - Jackson Pearce This book was nothing like I expected, but I still enjoyed it.Jackson Pearce wrote two really interesting main characters. Both Lo and Celia are nothing like other characters I've read. Lo was always a back and forth, sometimes Lo and sometimes her former self. Celia is trying to learn how to be one person instead of a part of a team of three. I liked Lo and Celia and found their voices to be very distinct.As usual for Jackson's fairytale retellings, this was unapologetically dark. It was twisted and although I knew this wouldn't be a Disney story, it went places I wouldn't have imagined. I really liked the part Jude played in the book, as well. That really added to it, I think.Jackson's writing was interesting, as usual. I didn't think it was going to be a dual perspective and I didn't think Lo would be...like Lo, so it's a bit different from the norm. Jackson's a good, solid writer. Her descriptions were really in depth and let me picture the locations really well. I could really feel the atmosphere of the story. Despite all the good, I just didn't click with this story. Like I said, it wasn't what I expected. While it was a pretty quick read, something oddly fun to read at the beach, Fathomless isn't a super memorable book for me. It's just another book I read.If you're a fan of Jackson Pearce's work or really different fairy tale retellings, definitely pick this one up. It'll probably go better for you than it did for me.