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Epic Fail - Claire LaZebnik I've yet to be let down by a Pride and Prejudice retelling.There's only so much I can say about this. We all know the story. We all have an idea of who the characters are and what they're like. Pride and Prejudice retellings are not uncommon in YA.Doesn't mean I loved this one any less. It was adorable and light and sweet and a very quick read. Claire LaZebnick stuck to the story and did a really good job transferring it to the modern world. I loved how she interpreted the characters and the story. The fact that our Elizabeth, Elise's, mom worked at the school as principal. It kind of added a little extra interesting factor to it.If you're looking for a fun, cute book to read real quick and you're a fellow Austen-ite, this is definitely not one to be missed!