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Glow (Sky Chasers Series #1)

Glow (Sky Chasers Series #1) - So, take The Hunger Games. Now take Across the Universe. And now you have Glow.Waverly and Kieran were interesting characters. I liked them, but they also had a lot of faults and would annoy me from time to time. Especially Kieran. Waverly was usually strong, but Kieran just seemed so weak and obsessed with love, and it just bothered me.The plot was interesting, though. Really interesting. It kind of had the constant action-y feel of The Hunger Games and it had the setting of Across the Universe and it just blended really well. The romance wasn't the biggest deal. There were a lot of side characters and they were all involved in interesting things. Some action stuff, some friend stuff, some family stuff, some romance, and some rebellions and just...the story line was perfect. Absolutely perfect. And twisted. The writing kept me very involved. I read a lot of it in one sitting then had to stop and pack then I got to finish it on a trip the next day. I just wanted to keep reading and know what would happen and how it would end. I read this book in August and I STILL don't know where the sequel will go. But I know it's going somewhere good. Definitely another dystopian to check out.