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Stork - Wendy Delsol Stork was...interesting. It wasn't quite what I expected, but I did enjoy it.It was truly a magical story, like a fairy tale. I didn't know the original legend (I mean, I know the IDEA of the Stork, but not the way it was done here) so it was very interesting to read it in this new perspective. And she would have dreams that kind of reminded me of a fairy realm. Odd connections, maybe, but true.I loved how all the characters had histories that wove together. I love those connections the author makes, so they aren't just people in the same school, there's something bigger and deeper there.My only problem was the romance. I mean, they had great chemistry and everything but it was just so...fast. One page they were all awkward and "Ehhh *poke* *flee*" (Not really, I'm using some creativity and...I'm tired.), and then suddenly they were dating. Once I thought about it, I was like "WOAH how'd that happen?" It wasn't something I really thought about until the very end of the book, but it was something I found odd.And...yeah. But this was a magical kind of book and I think fairytale lovers should definitely try it out!