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The Sweetest Spell - Suzanne Selfors This was a really sweet, fun fairytale.Emmeline was kind of bland as a character. Her biggest character trait at first was that she had a curled foot and cows really liked her. She did grow into more while going on her adventures, but she never had a really strong personality. I liked her and all but she was identified by what she did during the story, her relationship to others and what she could do for others as opposed to who she really was. This was an important part for a lot of the story, but even when it wasn't important, she didn't become anyone else.Owen Oak had a bit more going on. He was lively and brave and somewhat defiant. I liked Owen more than I liked Emmeline. He was just this really sweet character and reminded me a lot of James McAvoy's character in Becoming Jane, both in looks (though, brown eyes) and personality. I really would've loved to see more from other characters. Like the king and queen, Emmeline's dad, some of the other dirt-scratcher families. Some of them seemed like they could add a lot of entertainment to the story, while others could've made it a bit darker. I would've liked to see more of their touch.The story was told from both Owen and Emmeline's perspective and it was kind of annoying. There was no real pattern to how the chapters split up and their voices weren't really different. It would always take me a few paragraphs to really be sure of who I was reading about. Otherwise, the writing was simple and fun.I really liked the plot of The Sweetest Spell. It was dark but also kind of silly at times. The balance wasn't perfect, but it was pretty good. There's a lot of twists and turns and traveling. All of the traveling. It would've been nice to have a better sense of where everything was or some kind of map.The Sweetest Spell was a fun read. Not particularly memorable or special, but a good way to pass the time. And it's certainly unique!