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While He Was Away - Karen Halvorsen Schreck I read this book and then I let it sit and frankly, I'm not impressed. I didn't really have expectations when I went into this one. I hadn't heard anything about it, but all the military novels out this year intrigue me, so of course I decided to try it. I guess the only thing I was hoping for was watching Penna and David's relationship go through his deployment, but that became a pretty minor plot line.It was pretty well written and Penna's a nice enough character. Yet nothing was truly remarkable. I liked the characters, but the most interesting one's weren't really that well developed. I wanted more from some of the characters.There were a couple different story lines and relationships being looked at here. And, for me, none of those story lines or relationship developments were really finished. There were a couple that had a bit of closure, but I didn't finish this book and feel satisfied with what I'd read. I felt like there was lot more that could've been said and explored and closed. Even in some of the places where there was closure, I wasn't really happy about how it ended. In other places, there were hints of a plot line that then never developed. That was kinda frustrating.Maybe this book will work for you. It was slow and steady and well written, it just wasn't a stand out for me. It wasn't even really good for me. Maybe it's me, maybe it's the book. But if you need something with a slower pace and less romance and more family/friend relationships, then this isn't a bad book to try.