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Over You - Nicola Kraus, Emma McLaughlin This book was a super light, fun read that was a bit too shallow for me.So, I kinda liked Max? I have mixed feelings on her, which really could be a good thing. Very real to life, you know? She made stupid decisions. She had a tendency to be overbearing. She was also kind of creepy. But Max also meant well and wanted to be a good person. She wanted to reach her ultimate goal and I admire that.The story was actually really interesting. There were a few points that annoyed me, a few I didn't see coming, and a few that made me happy. I really liked the ending. I went in expecting this light, fun story and I got something a bit deeper an darker than that, but otherwise largely what I thought it would be. Like a lot of contemp YA, there was some hidden depth to Over You.However, I think this was also the major weak point for me. I was never drawn in and personally, I think way too much attention was paid to fashion and clothing. I don't need every detail or designer, you know? The voice was a bit off and I just couldn't get sucked in. But this is largely a personal thing, so it may not apply to everyone.Over You is not the kind of book I'd normally read, but it was quick and entertaining and while not memorable or awesome, still a pretty good read.