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Paradise - Jill S. Alexander This was a pretty average read until the ending.Paisley was a fun character to read. She was torn but talented and she has problems and she's really just a fantastic, real character. Paradise was also fun. He wasn't fully developed for me, but he was a decent love interest for Paisley and they had pretty good banter and chemistry.I loved all the band members. The way they worked together, the way they were as individuals. I really pitied one of the characters, but you'll have to read it to figure that out. Paisley's sister, Lacey, was quite the character as well. She really made the story more interesting and twisty and complex.The plot was interesting. Kind of predictable, but it was a fun read. The writing had me totally hooked and I read it really quickly. It's a perfect summer read.Until the end.The end totally changes the novel and it's kind of out of nowhere and it's massive and amazing and just added this extra weight to the novel. It made it more than just a light, summer romance and I loved the fact it could do that.I just really recommend this. It has a lot of the makings for a light read but it can also be a heavier read and if you love music or you have a dream that seems impossible, you'll get this book. Just...give it a try, whether you like country music or not.