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Summer Of No Regrets

The Summer of No Regrets - Katherine Grace Bond This book was...interesting. Brigitta kind of annoyed me. She seemed so intelligent, yet so utterly oblivious about Luke and what was really going on. And she was somewhat all over the place in her thought pattern. From her parents, to her grandparents, to her friend, to Luke, to the animals she cares for, to her blog. Luke also bothered me, but for a different reason. He seemed to run very hot and cold. Every time things made sense, he and Brigitta would have some kind of interaction that changed everything.I did really enjoy the story itself, though. It had a lot going on and could've been more focused, but it was still pretty good. It was a funner, lighter story. A good, pretty quick summer read. I liked some of the plot lines more than others, but I wasn't a big fan of some of them. The logic was also a bit iffy at times, but I just read past it.This wasn't a fantastic book. It didn't blow me out of the water and I can't full remember the ending or the truth about Luke's deal. But I liked it while I read it and it was entertaining. If you have it in your TBR pile or you're debating getting it, I would go for it!