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Suddenly Royal - Nichole Chase I don't know if I've ever disclosed this on the blog, but I'm a complete and total sucker for royalty in contemporary settings. It's probably do to growing up in the Princess Diaries generation and the fact that the books were some of the first I read when getting back into YA, but like...it's almost guaranteed I will love a contemporary book with royalty because that is my drug. And it's so hard to FIND that I pretty much have to take what I can get.So, if you didn't get the point, I loved this book.I loved how Sam was so independent and she knew what she wanted in life and was determined to stick with it. Like...this girl had a plan. She's kind of like," It's cute that you want me to wear a tiara and all, but...I got a life, k thanks." And Alex was willing to respect that and try to work with it. He wasn't a bad guy at all. He had a bad reputation, but he was honestly pretty sweet and considerate and swoony.I really loved Nicole's writing. It was super addicting and I was totally enthralled in the story. It was well researched and had its own unique twists to it. Like, Sam's field of study? Not exactly the usual kind of story you see in fiction. I do feel like the book could've used another editor because there were several occasions when an issue pulled me out for a moment or two. They're easy to notice, but when I'm in editor mode, these things stand out. But the book has been acquired by Avon, so that should help clean up all the little errors. And obviously it wasn't that distracting since I zipped through the book!Suddenly Royal is a super fun, addicting read. It's absolutely perfect for summer. It's also left me dying for more contemporary with royalty (if you have suggestions, preferably in YA/NA, please let me know!). And everyone should pick it up ASAP!