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The Near Witch - Victoria Schwab This really is a beautiful, enchanting fairytale. I loved Lexi. She was totally bad ass and smart and brave. She's protective and loving and wants to be obedient but she just can't and just...yes. So much yes.The writing was captivating. It's addicting and beautiful. I read this in one or two sittings because I just had to know how it ended. Yet at the same time, I never wanted to leave that world.I loved the romance, too. Lexi and Cole were so adorable and amazing together. It was truly an amazing love story. There was a hint of the forbidden mixed with the "They Don't Care What Anyone Says" love and it was just so perfectly and beautiful.EVERY THING this summary says about the book is true and every positive thing you've heard is true and I just...adored this book. Please go pre-order it. Or wait until Tuesday and buy it.