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Fracture - Megan Miranda This book wasn't what I expected in the slightest. I'll be totally honest, I expected some really romantic, sweet book about how this girl comes to grips with death and dying and her new powers related to that and maybe there's a love triangle. Instead, I got a book where the characters and the story don't stand out so much as the message behind it.Delaney was just a character to me. Nothing special or extraordinary. The relationship she had with Troy were interesting, kind of creepy. It was one of the very intriguing parts of the book for me. The relationship between Delaney and Decker was also interesting, though at times annoying. It was a very back and forth relationship that left me frustrated yet happy, depending on where they were. For me the best part was the thoughts it gave me. Troy and Delaney's new powers lead to arguments between the two, arguments that made me think. Both can tell if a person's going to die in the near future. Troy tends to help the process along, while Delaney wants to stop it. For me it raised the question on if we have the right to help someone die. Do humans have the right to decide somebody else is ready to leave earth? It was even more interesting that this discussion came up in my English class the day after I finished it.The ending was really good. Very interesting, different, and unexpected. I was pleasantly surprised by most of it, though some of it was semi-obvious. I was glad to see it happen, though.Overall, this could've just been any other book. But the relationships, the questions it raises, and the ending made it something else all together. If you want something a little darker, and thought provoking, this is definitely one to pick up.