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Harbinger - Sara Wilson Etienne Let's make one thing clear: This is not my typical read. I read mysteries to an extent, but nothing like this. But I wanted to try something new and a lot of people were excited about this one, so I decided to give it a try.The characters didn't really stand out to me. They were pretty average characters. They helped tell the story, which was their job, but they aren't very memorable. At times, Faye and Kel actually kind of annoyed me. The way they acted and their reactions...they just didn't always rub me the right way.The writing was really good though. I was intrigued enough to keep going and I enjoyed how it was told. Their was this awesome map of the grounds and it was very descriptive, allowing me to picture it pretty easily. It flowed well and though I wasn't big on the characters, I had to keep reading.And the mystery itself? Constant twists and turns and sometimes I would guess things and it'd be wrong and then it'd be right but maybe it's actually wrong. There were all kinds of connections and pieces to the puzzle and some don't even seem relevant until you read it while other times it was made pretty obvious that this seemingly random thing was important.Overall, it wasn't a bad read. For me, it was average, but this just isn't my usual type of book. But if this is your kind of read? You'll probably love it.