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Masque of the Red Death - Bethany Griffin Dear Every Author Who Wants to Write a Love Triangle: Read this book. Learn. This is how a love triangle's SUPPOSED to work.So first off, we'll talk about Araby who has one of the coolest names I've seen in a book in a while. I really liked Araby. She was a good narrator and she did develop a bit. I think I would've liked her more if she'd been shallower in the beginning and was able to develop more, but I liked her. She kept the story going and she was interesting to read about.But really, my favorite part of Masque of the Red Death is the ROMANCE. Sweet Jesus guys, do you know how excited a real, good love triangle makes me? Because, let's be honest, people claim there's a love triangle in like 75% of the YA books but there's clearly NOT. We all know who they girl's going to end up with, whether it be Bella and Edward or Clary and Jace or Elizabeth and Darcy or Katniss and Peeta. No. NOT love triangles. The answer is clear from the beginning, no matter who you favor, and you're just going to have to accept it. Obviously, those books aren't real love triangles, no matter what ANYONE TRIES TO TELL YOU. But Bethany Griffin does it RIGHT. Elliott and Will are both good choices. Araby has feelings for both of them and they both have feelings with her and I really don't know who she's going to end up with. I don't know who I want her to end up with. And that, my dear friends, is the best love triangle you can ask for.So...yeah.The rest of the story? Did you read that summary and read about how fan-effing-tastic it sounds? Masque of the Red Death does not disappoint. The world is really well built and fascinating. It's DYSTOPIAN and HISTORICAL FICTION and it makes my inner fangirl type ALL THE CAPS LOCK because it's so well done and fascinating and original and slkghjelkhjslhg.Bethany Griffin is a fantastic author with a story like nothing I've ever read and the swooning romance and the two equally yummy and wonderful boys and a main character who's strong and different and guys...guys. Do not ignore this book, do not ignore this author. A gorgeous cover and a fantastic summary are just the beginning.