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Something like Normal - Trish Doller Can you say awesome?Let's start with our protagonist, Travis Stephenson. Travis is far from perfect. He's damaged, for very understandable reasons, he's a bit of a rebel, and he's done some crappy things. But this can be said for most teenagers, even if it's not in a way you expect (my rebellion is trusting some people on the internet. I'M SUCH A REBEL, GUYS.) I loved Travis. He was very different from narrators I usually read, in part because HE IS A GUY. He was lovely and gentle at times, but a lot of the time he was what you expect a teenager in the military to be like. Trish Doller did her research and she did it really well.The story itself was also really different from what I usually read because the military in YA isn't exactly common. So you have a guy suffering from PTSD, trying to deal with what he saw in Afghanistan, trying to deal with his family problems, and kind of falling in love with a girl who's life he somewhat ruined. It's unique and interesting and while it has aspects we've seen before, it combines in this fantastic, beautiful way.Guys...I wish I could explain why you need to read Something Like Normal. But I can't. I can sit here and tell you it's different and it's incredible, but you don't get it until you read it. Trust me on this, lovelies. This is truly an incredible read that followed me for days, weeks, really, afterward. Trish Doller is on my insta-buy list. I trust her. I trust her writing. I trust her ability to tell me an fantastic story that most authors can't. I trust her to write something I'll love.Run for this book. Or, you know, click "buy" on your preferred website.