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A Midsummer's Nightmare - Kody Keplinger Every Kody Keplinger book seems to be better than the one before it.Whitley was a messed up character, there was no denying that. But I liked her. She grew up a lot, she changed. She became a pretty awesome person and we as readers got to watch. I found her transformation to be honest and incredible to watch. Not every teen can be perfect, good children who don't do anything wrong. Having a character that messed up openly and had no shame about it was different and good to see.At first, I was not overly fond of the stepbrother. He seemed almost as much of a hot mess as Whitley. But I think I came around to liking him before I liked Whitley. His motives were easier to see and I appreciated them. I appreciated him as a character.As usual, I love Kody's writing. Serious love! Her writing is always honest and gritty and authentically-teen. Kody Keplinger doesn't hold back, ever, and I love that. The stories are always gripping and her writing clearly grows with each book.I know this review is crap, trust me I know. But I did that procrastination thing so this review is not doing the book justice. I really and truly loved this book. A Midsummer's Nightmare might even be one of my favorite books of the year. Kody Keplinger has only continued to ensure she's an insta-buy author for me. Basically, I'm telling you to pick this one up. This book includes some seriously wonderful, complex characters, some of the most honest writing in YA, and a story about family, friendship, and prejudices. Keep an open mind and go in, ready to be amazed.