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Born Wicked (The Cahill Witch Chronicles Series #1)

Born Wicked - Jessica Spotswood Historical fantasy at it's best.I loved Cate and her sisters. Cate was wonderful and truly confused. I loved her constant conflict between doing what was right and what she wanted. The dynamic between her and her sisters and their father was fascinating to watch.I also loved the conflict between Cate, Finn, and Cate's neighbor who's name escapes me and I can't look up because I don't have my copy anymore. Especially Cate and Finn, I loved those two together. Finn captured my heart from the very beginning and I just wanted to smoosh his face into Cate's so they could kiss all the time. He's just too awesome for words, in my book. But I also liked Cate's neighbor. I didn't want him to be sad or alone. He wasn't a bad guy...he just wasn't Finn.The writing was beautiful. I was totally wrapped up in the story and how Cate felt and what she was thinking. In a period when I was strapped on time and stressed, I read it relatively quickly. The story itself was absolutely wonderful. Never slowed or dragged and I always wanted to keep reading to see what would happen. There were lots of surprises and twists and it kept me constantly engaged. And the ending, oh the ending! What it did to my heart! It was a total shock for me and I was somewhat disappointed, but it made sense for Cate's character and in the end, that's all I can ask for.I just loved, loved, LOVED, this book. It was incredible and everything historical fantasy could be. This is definitely one to pick up and Jessica's definitely an author to watch!