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Mothership - Martin Leicht, Isla Neal Alright, read that summary again. Laugh your heart out. It's okay, I agree with you.Basically, this whole book is about a bunch of pregnant teenage girls trying to get off the spaceship after most of them were almost killed by the same people who were supposed to be protecting them. Besides flashbacks, it all takes place in the same day.Yet I kind of loved this book.It's super fast paced because, like I said, it happens in a day. And a lot happens. There's always some new dilemma, some new personal crisis for Elvie or one of the other girls, and a lot of it you can't predict. But it's not overwhelming, either. Every few chapters or so, there's a flashback to Elvie's life on earth and that really slows things down for a bit. It gives you time to absorb and relax a bit.Looking past her name, I really liked Elvie. She was funny and sassy and intelligent. Her dream in life is to go to Mars...and this is a legit thing that could happen. She made a mistake about a guy, which people do.Now Cole...oh Cole. He's not a very smart boy, no. But the book made his complete lack of intelligence kind of endearing. It didn't bother me as much as it normally would've. I don't have a problem with people who aren't really smart but...this boy actually came off as a moron. Kind of like a puppy. No idea what's going on, but all kinds of energy and love. I didn't like that he wasn't really willing to commit or speak up about how he felt though. He was kinda all over the place with his romantic feelings, so then Elvie was all over the place, and that was irritating.I really liked the side characters. Most of the pregnant teens weren't really developed, but I liked what we saw of them. The only other commando we got to know was the leader and he was a fun one. I LOVED Elvie's dad and best friend on Earth. They were awesome and nerdy and funny and just good people. Overall, this book was funny and quirky and so totally different from any other YA book you've read. It was lovely and awesome and well written and just...awesome. Read it so you can die for book two with me!