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Heist Society - Ally Carter Julie, you've never read a book like this? What changed your mind?Excellent Question, Self. I picked up this book because Ally Carter kept tweeting about Hale in a tux! Shirtless! Shirtless more! Shirtless again! And I can be that shallow (also, what kind of situations are these people in that he can always be shirtless?)But also because a lot of people I know really seem to like this series and Ally Carter seems pretty cool.So, this isn't My Type of Book. But the story was enjoyable and fun, despite the high stakes. It was nothing like I usually see in YA and while I wasn't super in love with the story or anything, I definitely enjoyed it.The characters were the real selling point for me. I really loved how clever and loyal Kat was. I loved that she was not going to back down from her beliefs unless it was necessary. I also really loved Hale. He was funny and witty and as wonderful as I'd hoped he would be.Ally Carter definitely has a lot of writing talent. I sped through this book because I was captivated. She's seriously earned her reputation.So, this is a quick, fun read with awesome characters and an interesting story line. I'm definitely hoping to pick up book 2 in the future!