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The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight - So this book is probably the cutest thing ever and I want to hug it.Hadley and Oliver had this instant, amazing connection. Was there insta-love? Yes, but there was meant to be insta-love (I mean, have we read the description?) and it worked due to the circumstances. So, y'all take note THIS IS INSTA-LOVE DONE RIGHT. Hadley was a wonderful character. She was flawed but easy to relate to. Her character made sense. On the other hand, we had Oliver. Equally wonderful, flawed, and easy to relate to. And also Oliver's British...so yeah. They were real teenagers and they made sense and they seemed like teenagers and I just want them to make out all the time and have beautiful, awkward babies with British accents.This story was amazing. It did make me think a little bit and had this bit of a heavy feel, but it was also fun and lighthearted. It did surprise me at times, which you would think isn't easy considering the type of book. But definitely didn't see some of the events that popped up.The writing? Freaking awesome. It was actually told in third person. While reading, I kind of realized how rare that is in YA. I kind of really appreciated the rarely used perspective, much though I love my first person. It was just so fantastic and I want to hug Jennifer E. Smith in the non-creepiest way possibleHonestly, just go buy this book. Go buy it now. Right. Now. You will not regret it.