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Liesl & Po - Oh Lauren Oliver. Girl...you genius you.I felt like someone was sitting in front of me, telling me this magical story. A story that made me feel like a hopeful child again. A story that filled me with wonder and reminded me of all the fairy tales I know and love. It's a story I want to share with Boy, even if he might not be old enough for it.There were a lot of important characters in this book, and I pretty much wanted to hug all of them. Except the bad guys. I wanted to shoo them away for being mean to all the wonderful characters. How dare they corrupt the dear hearts!The writing was fabulous, though it shouldn't even need to be said. It was like reading a piece of Lauren's soul. Beautiful and magic and transported me to a time when I was a kid again.The story had a lot of different perspectives, which I know some don't like, but they all blended together to make one story out of several stories and they all met together at the end and it was so freaking genius. Just...so freaking genius.Go buy the book. Like now. Drop everything (unless you're holding a baby, don't drop the baby) and go get it.