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Sweet Venom (Sweet Venom Series #1)

Sweet Venom (Sweet Venom Series #1) - This was an entertaining read.The girls themselves are all so different and unique. Their personalities were very precise and sharp and it made it easy to tell they were different people, even if you forgot to check the beginning of each chapter to see who it was (which I only did a few...a lot of times).I also loved the little sub-plots that Grace and Gretchen had. Their own details to worry about. Greer had little things to take care of, but she didn't have anything major like Grace and Gretchen. I'm hoping that her personal dilemma comes out in the second book.The writing and the action kept things interesting. It wasn't constant action, so it did lull at times. And I kept getting pulled out of the book just as I started to get sucked in, so that created even more problems.While parts of the book were predictable, the ending was not something I saw coming at all. It surprised me and left me wanting book 2 all the more.This is a fun yet dark read. Full of kick butt girls and mysteries and an interesting and intriguing ending. It's a different kind of paranormal from what's usually on shelves. I highly recommend this one.