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Fury - Elizabeth  Miles At first this book annoyed me.It was kind of predictable and in this book, things happen that very recently annoyed me in a different book, so that amplified my annoyance. So last night, about half way through the book, I picked it up knowing my review had to be up today kind of dreading getting through the rest of it and writing a review.Then I sat down to read and everything changed.The characters changed. How they felt, how they acted, just who they were. They felt remorse for all the horrible things they'd done (except for one character, but he's just...that was acceptable). The plot was going in this direction that I totally didn't see. Suddenly I was scared and nervous for the characters and anxious and I just needed to know how it ended.The writing really was good. The perspective alternates back and forth between Em and Chase for most of the book and they both had their own unique voices and personalities. The writing was what kept me involved in the first half and then just made everything better in the second half.The characters themselves were characters I had a hard time relating to in the first half. Majority of them were too flawed for my tastes, but then they changed and developed and I could forgive them and understand them and relate to them. By the end of the book, my heart was broken and I was craving book 2 so I'd find out what happened to them.I loved the mythology and the actual story itself was intriguing and different. The Furies aren't really something seen in YA and I like this new idea. It changed things up a bit. Then there was the whole idea of high school and reputations and home lives and how they effect teenagers and it was a really interesting little subplot...or maybe it was just something I picked up on that most people wouldn't notice but I'm not normal so I did.All in all, I ended up really enjoying this book which made me really happy because I'd been so excited for this book. It wasn't perfect, mostly due to the characters at first, but then it was just amazing and entertaining and spectacular and I know book 2 can only be better. Definitely check this one out!