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Magic Under Stone (Magic Under, #2) - Jaclyn Dolamore This review's kinda hard for me.I was super excited about getting a sequel to Magic Under Glass because I loved that book so much. But I think my expectations were too high. I was expecting something...different. And I did really enjoy this book and it was really good, but I let myself get TOO excited, which rarely happens and kind of shocked me.I think my main problem was Erris. While I understood his behavior, it bothered me how closed off he was. I really just wanted Nimira and Erris to have some happiness after all their problems, but it wasn't happening and it kind of irritated me. And it made Nimira miserable and I simply can't be okay with Nimira being unhappy, the dear girl.Otherwise? This book really was fantastic. I loved how strong Nimira was and how she wouldn't just give up, no matter how the others felt. The other characters we meet were interesting and different and well developed. The book took a lot of twists and turns that I loved. The ending was really amazing and fitting too. Jaclyn really knows how to tell a story. It's magical and beautiful and just...wonderful.Let this review be a warning to you: Don't start imagining the exact events of a book. Because then it can lead to disappointment and take away your enjoyment of an excellent book. I think I'm going to reread this one now that I have a better idea of what goes on and I think I'll enjoy it even more then.But really, this is a great book and a perfect sequel. My silly imaginings took away some of the awesome for me, but that was my own fault. This is definitely one to pick up! And if you're reading this and you haven't read Magic Under Glass (*wags finger of shame at you*), you best be picking that one up too!