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The Right and the Real

The Right & the Real - Joelle Anthony So, cults right? Religious cults. Creepy and weird and make me feel icky. But I also find them fascinating. I was intrigued by the premise of the story and remember hearing a lot of good things about Restoring Harmony, so I decided to try this one.I really liked it while I was reading, but there was no major wow factor for me. It might just be me because as much as I've been enjoying what I read lately, most of them lack that special something that makes me fall head over heels, obsessively in love with them. I read it like a week ago, and already it's pretty vague and the main character's just another character in my head. I can't tell you what makes her unique.I can tell you I liked some of the side characters, the people that help Jamie out. I loved watching her relationships and interactions with them. For me, that was the more interesting aspect of the book. The fact that one of those relationships was a romantic one is not the only thing that made me feel this way, promise.It was also well written. I'd definitely be open to reading more by Joelle, I just don't think this was the right book for me.