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Starters - Lissa Price I enjoyed this one a LOT more than I expected.Callie was a pretty kick ass heroine. She was stubborn and independent and super protective. I really got her character because, as I've mentioned in a couple other reviews, I'm about her age with a brother about her brother's age and I would do anything for him, just like she does. And she does all this badassery and it was just...wonderful.Also, the story line of Starters? Sweet Freaking Jesus. I thought it would be kind of bland, a lot like other dystopians, but NO. No. Starters was different and twisted CONSTANTLY. Like the ending? Approximately 5,000 things happened and my brain was confused in the most wonderful way because HOW JUST HOW? But it was all there and it was beautiful and so many twists. I gave up trying to figure out what was going on and just read in shock and let my jaw drop a bunch of times. Let's just say Lissa Price knows How to Write.The world was definitely interesting. The background is unfolded very slowly, but I'm still not totally sure how society ended up the way it was. I'm hoping it'll be more developed in the future novellas/sequels because it seemed very different and complex and I'm curious how Lissa would break it down. I loved the idea of Starters and Enders and body swaps. It's creepy and eerie but kinda cool. If I was 100 years old, hell yes I'd love to be in a 19 year old body to experience life again for a little while! It was different. Completely and totally different. Starters is a pretty original idea for a dystopian with an incredible main character, an intriguing romance, murder, mystery, and many, many, MANY twists you don't see coming (even now that you're going to look for them YOU WON'T FIND THEM.) Lissa Price put out an insanely good debut and I'll definitely be looking forward to novellas and sequels and possibly trilogies, oh my! (Yeah...that was...no.)