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The Mockingbirds - Daisy Whitney This. Book. Was. Phenomenal.A little story for you: One August day, Julie had just finished a book she didn't particularly like and knew she had to read an assigned book for English. Julie was going to cry from boring books. Julie had gotten The Mockingbirds earlier that day and decided to read that instead. Julie stayed up until 4 am to finish it, despite the fact that Julie's dad wakes up at 4 to go to work and would not have been happy to see her still awake. Fortunately, Julie was snuggled into bed before her dad walked into the living room where he could see the lights.Yeah, you got that right. Unlike with The Hunger Games, I didn't make sure I was in bed before my dad woke up. It just happened to work out well.This book was clever and funny, despite the heavier topic. It also had the message that we all sometimes forget. You have to speak up for yourself, because others can't do it for you and when something's wrong, it has to be stopped.My heart broke for Mel. Poor, poor Mel.But Martin was always there and I loved Martin from the minute we met him. He was so sweet and polite and just all around epic without being perfect...or a jock.And Alex is definitely a brave person. Any person would have to be brave to go through what she went through and talk about it and take some sort of action, because so many people don't. And while it drastically changed her life, it didn't control her life. That's something I don't think I could ever do, and something millions of women can't do.This novel is amazing and witty and love and important for anyone who's been afraid to speak up.