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If I Lie - Corrine Jackson I went into If I Lie knowing it'd be emotional and a tough read. However, I couldn't anticipate my own connections and heart going into this book.Quinn was a fantastic protagonist. She wasn't perfect. She could be snarky and she could antagonize and she has a hard time forgiving. But she was a good person. Loyal and dedicated and fiercely protective of those she loved. She's been hurt and betrayed so many times in her life, she's not sure what to do or who she really is. I really related to Quinn for these reasons and I think a lot of other people can too.The story Corrine Jackson put together was incredible and stressful and complicated but also simple and elegant and powerful. If I Lie says a lot about society and our judgements and the cultures we develop in communities. And it was just...such a different story from the norm in YA. It was something unique, something I hadn't read before. And I fell absolutely, head over heels in love with it.This book, as I mentioned, is incredibly emotional. I read it straight through, sitting in my bed in this dorm, and had to fight not to cry since my roommate was a few feet away. Veterans and military service have been a big part of my family's life and I have a few friends who joined the military after graduation. We all know someone who's been there. It makes it so easy to connect to this story and understand all the pain and frustration and heartache, not just from Quinn, but from her whole community. It's easy to get why they're angry and upset. And then things happen I can't talk about that make you MORE EMOTIONAL and guys just so many feels I can't even what was that that happened to my heart?As you can see, I read this recently and I'm still trying to cope with all of the feelings If I Lie gave me. It was incredible and will definitely stick with me. Corrine Jackson is, without a doubt, an author to keep an eye on.