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The Distance Between Us - Kasie West The Distance Between Us was pitched as Pride and Prejudice meets Pretty in Pink and I've never seen Pretty in Pink but Pride and Prejudice so...whatevs. I obviously needed this. And then can we take a moment to look at that COVER? Like...her dress! Her shoes! His outfit! The car! The hand holding! The lighting! The font! It's so utterly gorgeous and very road trip-esque and it still stands out quite a bit. I'm so utterly in love and kind of want to buy a bajillion copies just so I can surround myself in that beauty.I loved Caymen. I really, really did. Kasie West created this heroine who was straight forward with their reader, if not with everyone else. She was wonderfully sarcastic, no holding back. It was very easy to relate to her situation and how she felt. And it was so understandable why she would be wary of Xander. But he was such a sweetheart and so good and just genuinely liked Xander. I loved his quirky family - especially his grandma.I really just loved the plot of the story. Was it a little on the cheesy side? Yeah. But it made me giggly and happy and I just wanted to cuddle the book. There's a lot of harp on how YA has so much romance and why must there be so much romance, but usually the romance is a subplot, even if it seems overwhelming. But The Distance Between Us is a romance. It wasn't desperately aching to be anything else. It was very Stephanie Perkins'-esque in that it was cute and fluffy but also had some heavy tones to it. And it was largely romance-centric. Truly romance-centric books aren't that common in YA...at least what I've seen. And they're perfect for summer time.Now that I've raved about...the cover and lack of true romances in YA, the take away from this review should really be you need The Distance Between Us. Go my friends. Go get the book. Or click over to your book-shopping website of choice and order it ASAP.