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Under The Never Sky: Under the Never Sky : Book 01

Under the Never Sky - Veronica Rossi Yet another wonderful, wonderful debut novel!Aria and Perry were wonderful protagonists. They grew so much as characters. At first, they were both kind of unlikable, but they changed and developed together into two characters I adored. They were strong and independent and they learned to accept each other, despite all the differences they thought they had. They both had their own concerns that they were passionate about. These two were caring and love their families, so much. And they were together and I just love them, guys. I do. Especially when they're together, together.The story itself never dragged. They're traveling a lot, but that's never the only thing going on. There was always more to it, always something else to beware of. New characters and new dangers one wouldn't expect. Then they get places and there's more traveling and every thing was interesting. There was a lot going on through out the book, but they were either entwined or separate, starting and ending before the climax.The ending was also unexpected. So unexpected. I both loved it and hated it. I hated the position the characters were left in and I hated the fact I'd have to wait more than a year to know what happens next, but I loved the tension. I loved that it wasn't what was expected. I loved that Veronica Rossi made me feel all these things. Veronica's an incredible writer. There's a lot of emotion, a lot of tension. Everything was so well described I could paint it all in my head. My heart was with the characters, it broke with them, it loved with them, it feared with them. At the beginning, I wasn't sure I'd like this one so much, but as it went on, I loved it more and more.I just loved this book so hard by the time I finished. The beginning might be kind of tough, but just stick with it. It all works out well and becomes wonderful.