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Tris & Izzie - Mette Ivie Harrison So...this review is kind of hard to write.The writing was not good. At all. Then I kept reading and the bad writing didn't stand out to me as much. Maybe because I got used to it? Maybe it got better? I honestly can't tell. But eventually it wasn't a problem.The story was slow. Really slow. Then suddenly all the things were happening at once. It was action-y and interesting. Not your usual story. Some of it was just TOO far fetched, but a lot of it was intriguing. The ending was a bit too wrapped up for my taste and too cliche and perfect, though.Izzie pissed me off frequently. And Tris was just...he bugged me because he was too perfect. It kind of seemed like all of the characters were meant to be perfect and it irritated me. Especially because they were absolutely perfect or the complete opposite.It wasn't a horrible read. I didn't hate it. I was interested enough to read the whole thing. But it's not one I'll be recommending or remembering.