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Die for Me

Die for Me - This was a really enjoyable read.Obviously the setting helped, because it's Paris and who doesn't love Paris? Even my seven year old brother loves Paris. So, bonus points to, YOU Die for Me.Kate was a realistic character. I really don't blame her for being anti-social, all things considered. The fact that her sister's so upset about that bothered me. She annoyed me with her "I Like Him, GO AWAY" thing. Girls should stop doing that in general. But otherwise, she was a fun character to read. I liked her perspective on everything. Vincent was just an average love interest for me, sadly. I kind of hoped for more from him after the hype.The story was entertaining. A little different from most paranormals, though not totally unique. It was different enough to keep me reading and interested.This book was a really good read. It's not one of my favorites and I didn't adore it, but it's good. I enjoyed it. I think anyone who likes paranormal romances can love this book.