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Shatter Me - Tahereh Mafi Guys. This book.I need to start with the writing. Tahereh's writing is lush and wonderfully descriptive. I want to drown in her words and stay there forever. The imagery is rich and the prose is just beautiful, from the set up to the metaphors to the descriptions. Everything about Tahereh's writing is gorgeous and scrumptious and delicious and if it's possible to drown in what you eat, I would do it.Tahereh also managed to create some of the most fantastically complex characters I've ever read. I loved Juliette and watching her grow into her own. I love the voice she has as a character and I just love how she becomes more comfortable with herself and becomes stronger that way. I love the fact that Warner is the bad guy and yet part of me likes him and sympathizes with him and a very tiny fraction of my brain ships him with Juliette. He's so full of mysteries and I'm...I'm intrigued.And then there's Adam...there are no words for Adam. I just can't describe our wonderful boy.The relationships are great in this novel too. Adam has a little brother, James, and the bond they have is realistic and wonderful. The relationship between Warner and Juliette is as complex as Warner is as a character and it just gets more and more complicated as the book goes on. Adam and Juliette's relationship is swoon-worthy and I will leave it like that because that's the best word I have for it.This story is incredibly unique, even though many dystopians do blend together. There's psychological components and action and romance and family relationships and friendships and scientific aspects and it's just such an amazing story. I'm in the process of reading it for the third time and it feels like coming home while opening a present.This book just combines so many amazing things I love to see in my stories. Books like this don't come along often. I've only found two this year and I'm telling you. Read it. Love it. I haven't enjoyed a book, or writing the review for said book, since Hourglass.