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The Pledge - Kimberly Derting I really, really liked this book. In a time where many dystopians are becoming the same, this one was completely different.Charlie as a character doesn't stand out much to me. She's another YA protagonist. What I did love about her is the devotion she had to her little sister, because it's something I really connect to. The sibling relationship was fantastically done. I did love Charlie's friends and Max. Max was kind of easy to predict, but her other friends were much more surprising.But this story? Oh this story. The rich history of the world, the political turmoil, the rebellion. It was just so, so, SO fantastically done. I wanted to get lost in that world and how complicated it was.The writing was really good. It kept me super entertained and intrigued in the story. I mean...the story itself was enough, but if there wasn't good writing, I couldn't keep going.Now the ending...oh that ending. It was cruel and fantastic and shocking and just...so, so perfect. Left me dying for book 2!Read this for the fantastic plot. Read it now so you can suffer in the wait for book 2 with me! (Or be smart and wait until Book 2 is closer...but really you should read it now.)